Features and Attractions

The Wolf Pack

An educational and inspiring display of a mother and a litter of orphaned wolf cubs. The Wolf Pack allows patrons to witness an inspiring display of natural motherhood among wolves. This is a special opportunity to see a mature female wolf adopt a litter of orphaned wolf cubs.

Extreme Raptor Show

The Raptor Project is an extraordinary and outstanding array of "Birds of Prey" - eagles, hawks, falcons and owls displayed in an exquisite natural habitat. The Raptor project is a very entertaining and exciting presentation and exhibit that has won the rapt attention and hearts of millions of captivated audiences throughout the nation.

Cold Stream Trout Tank & Fishing Simulator

Trout Pond, Fishing Simulator Delight Young Anglers. Dick Hanson loves to look along the edge of his trout tank and see a youngster who is having trouble holding his fishing rod the correct way. That’s a clear signal to Hanson that the boy or girl has never fished before and needs some instruction.