Features and Attractions

Cold Stream Trout Tank & Fishing Simulator

Trout Pond, Fishing Simulator Delight Young Anglers. Dick Hanson loves to look along the edge of his trout tank and see a youngster who is having trouble holding his fishing rod the correct way. That’s a clear signal to Hanson that the boy or girl has never fished before and needs some instruction.

Renne 'CatDaddy' Shumway

Catfishing 101 – Huge Flathead Impacted CatDaddy's Life. Tornado sirens began to wail, and a young boy’s eyes widened in fear as his father prepared to close the family’s bait shop in Topeka, Kan.

World Famous Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Tour

Don’t miss the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s traveling conservation exhibit showcasing some of the largest bull elk from across North America!